Group Allocation

Participants are allocated to a suitable group according to their age and skiing experience. The allocation is arranged by the area supervisors who try to place every participant in the right group. If necessary adjustments can be made to ensure everybody gets the most out of their tuition.

This quick but thorough allocation process saves valuable course time, thereby maximising the time spent skiing around the beautiful pistes this region can offer. The tuition will be great fun with our international instructors and by the end of the week you will also be able to see huge progress in your skiing ability. So being part of the Ski School Obergurgl means you will enhance your overall skiing experience.

How do I find my group?

After a quick talk with one of our area managers you can immediately join a group. As our adults and children’s meeting places are right next to one another, dropping the kids off at ski school first is no problem. Just leave your children in the capable hands of their instructor and slip straight back into your own group.