Ski and snowboard courses for kids & adults

Ski courses for beginners and pros

The Obergurgl ski school offers group courses for adults and children from the age of 3. Whether beginner or pro – you have come to the right place.  Look forward to learning new skills and perfecting what you have learned in a group adapted to your skiing ability. Get to know like-minded people and improve your skills – many great experiences await!

Besides safety, our children’s courses are all about fun and learning new things.

From the first attempts at skiing from 3 years of age on the blue and red pistes in the children’s area up to the mogul piste, fantastic downhill runs on the fun slope or free-styling in the Quattro Snow Park – we guarantee a fabulous skiing holiday in the Ötztal valley.

How about an exclusive day of skiing for your own small group? A private group ski course makes it possible.


BOBO Ski Club

The BOBO Ski Club is reserved for 3-year-olds only. This is a fun-filled club where younger children can learn the first stages of skiing. The BOBO Ski Club can only be booked on site. The number of participants is limited to 5-6 children per instructor. Please reserve your place as soon as you arrive.

From 10.00 to 12.00 or 13.30 to 15.30 | € 63.00

Snowboard courses from 10 years for all levels

The motto may be ‘Safety First’, even for our snowboard courses, but learning doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of fun. All participants from the age of 10 years are classified into four different skills levels. From the first attempts on a snowboard to the off-piste expert, there is something for everyone. Snowboard beginners’ courses also start on Wednesdays. That way you can start the week on skis and round off the week on a snowboard.

Exclusive ski course in your own small group

Experience exclusive days of skiing with your own small group!

You already know skiers in your skiing level, travel in a larger group, or you have more families travelling with you, and you all have a similar skiing level?

Individual pick up times, manageable group sizes and meeting where you desire will make your holiday a real success.

Exclusive groups are made for 3-6 participants, duration is 5 hours.

Frequently asked questions about our group courses

Participants are assigned to groups based on their skills and age. In this way, we can guarantee a quick progress of the participants. If your children (from 4 years) absolutely want to ski together, both children will have to join the group that suits the weaker child.

Skiers are allocated to their group directly at the collection points Jenewein, Hochfirst and Wiesental. Please talk to the area managers (blue ski suit) at the collection points, they will tell you which group you are allocated to. Grouping depends on size, skill and age of your child. If you think your child should be in a different group, please talk to the respective area manager.

Our 6-day ticket is the most reasonable offer. If you are not sure if your child (from 4 years) likes skiing, you can also purchase a 1-day ticket. If your child likes the course, you can purchase a ticket for more days (normally 5). If you purchase at least 2 days, the additional course fee is 57.00 € (per day).

Due to organisational reasons we are unable to confirm or promise that you will have a certain instructor during a group course. If you book a private lesson it is of course possible to book your preferred instructor, if he or she is available.

All of our instructors speak German and English. Some instructors also speak other languages. During group allocation we will of course try to meet your language requirements.

No, due to organisational reasons this is not possible. When starting the course, the ticket is validated on a daily basis (so it is not possible to suspend the course for a day, except Saturday). There are no group courses on Saturdays.