THANK YOU – Two simple words that mean so much

The Gurgl Ski Resort is returning to its quiet self again. As the sunny days have become longer the snow continues to soften and slowly melt away. Even though the mountain trys to hang on to winter, it can not help itself from enjoying the warm spring weather that fills the air.

As one reflects over the past couple of months, one can only smile. The fond memories of blue skies, perfect snow conditions and of course all the great pictures that were taken to have as ones personal Soviniors at the Diamond in the Alps.

We would like to say thank you for an amazing winter season 2019/2020

We're already in the planning for winter 2020/2021. At the moment our team is reviewing and evaluating the winter season 2019/2020 and working hard to come up with new concepts and ideas. Our goal is always to do better and make sure that we're giving top quality and the highest standered of training in the sports that our guests are so passionate about. We wish you all a wonderful spring and look forward to seeing again next season.



Obergurgl Ski school