Ski instructor Jule in the interview

We thought we'd give you an insight into the Obergurgl ski school. Jule can say a lot about it.

Katharina: Hello Jule, I am very pleased that you have taken the time to talk to me a little about the Obergurgl Ski School. Would you like to introduce yourself:

Jule: Hello, yes, of course. I'm Jule Koenigs, 29, from northern Germany and I'm studying business law. When I was little, we went on skiing holidays to Obergurgl with my parents every year. That's how my love for the mountains came about.

Katharina: How did you come to the Obergurgl ski school?

Jule: As mentioned above, we always went on skiing holidays to Obergurgl, where I also had skiing lessons at the ski school. I always had a lot of fun and learned to ski very well,

I always enjoyed it. I was then suggested to do the Anwärter course, which I did. After successfully completing the Anwärter course, I worked as a ski instructor for a few years. A few years later Andrä offered me the opportunity to work in the ski school office, which I still enjoy very much.

Katharina: Since when have you been at the Obergurgl ski school?

Jule: I have been working in the ski school since the 2015/16 winter season.

Katharina: How old is the oldest ski instructor?

Jule: Our oldest ski instructor is 73 years old.

Katharina: What are your tasks?

Jule: Sale of ski tickets, correspondence with guests on the phone, by e-mail or on site. Organisation of ski instructors, instructing new ski instructors.

Katharina: How is the boss Andrä?

Jule: Andrä is a great boss, you can talk to him about anything.

Katharina: What is the best/coolest thing in the Skischule Obergurgl?

Jule: My colleagues, we are like one big family.

Katharina: What makes the Obergurgl Ski School special?

Jule: That actually everyone gets along well with everyone – ski instructors – supervisors - office staff and bosses.

Katharina: How are your colleagues?

Jule: There is always a good atmosphere in the office, we all have a very good friendship.

Katharina: Where do you live when you work at the ski school?

Jule: I live in the ski instructor house, I like it very much.

Katharina: Are you only in Gurgl in winter or also in summer?

Jule: I have also worked at the Alpincenter Obergurgl in summer. But mostly I only work in the ski school in winter because winter is the busiest time. Since I'm still studying, it's very practical to have time for my studies in the summer and work in the winter.

Katharina: What is your favourite place in Gurgl?

Jule: In winter, the view from the Hohe Mut is hard to beat.

In summer, I love to be on the Hangerer or on the via ferrata.

Katharina: What do you like to do most in Gurgl in your free time?

Jule: Skiing of course.

Katharina: What is your favourite slope in the ski area?

Jule: The black 8 and the red 12 on the Festkogel.

Katharina: What are your plans for the future?

Jule: To work at the Obergurgl Ski School as long as possible.

Katharina: Would you recommend the job in the ski school to others, if yes, why?

Jule: Yes, definitely! The Obergurgl ski school is a great company. You can work in the mountains (what could be better) and do a lot of skiing and snowboarding in your free time. The colleagues at work and the bosses are just great.

Katharina:Thank you for your time, Jule

Jule: It was a pleasure. :)