100 years of Obergurgl Ski School

The time has come & it’s time to celebrate… One Hundred Years of Obergurgl Ski School Success!

It is because of you all that we are here today celebrating our 100th Anniversary. Our wonderful team of instructors, office staff and of course new and returning guests have made this possible!

As we reminisce, we are thankful for countless memories; watching a child make their first pizza  on skies, to competing in the ski race on Thursdays, to strapping on a snowboard for the first time. Or perhaps your instructor pushing you to the edge of your comfort zone in attempts to make you a stronger skier or rider. The memories and laughs will surely be cherished by us all.    

We must again, thank our office staff, new and returning instructors, for you hold a tremendous part of our success in achieving one hundred years of Obergurgl Ski School service. Our instructors have traveled from all over the world to share their language, ideas, skill and love for the sport with all of us.  We believe this is one of the reasons the Obergurgl Ski School is so special. 

As the snow melts away and our season comes to an end, its bittersweet. We take time to reflect on the past season and the ninety-nine seasons before with gratitude, many smiles and laughs.  We are excited for the future of the Obergurgl Ski School and what the next one hundred years will bring. 


See you all very soon! Stay tuned, we will surely be celebrating this milestone properly!