Ski School - Obergurgl


If you suspect that you have or are developing COVID-19 symptoms (dry cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc.) during your stay, you are required to call the Emergency number at 1450, whereby further instructions will then be given by the authorities. These instructions must be followed. After the Austrian authorities have been contacted, please inform your place of accommodation here in Austria.

In case of suspicion, please contact the local doctor (Dr. Brunner-Schlegel) at the number below:

+43 5256 6423.

Corona tests for HEALTHY patients take place on selected days at Gurgl Carat.

If you have any symptoms of COVID-19 and are not feeling well; please do not attend your ski lesson, avoid all meeting areas and Ski School offices, and please inform our office by phone or email as soon as possible. 

Ideally, the best way to book your ski lesson is through our online shop. It's both convenient and easy! Lessons can also be booked on arrival at one of our ski school offices. When booking in person, please ensure that you comply with the COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Upon entering one of our three offices, please adhere to all COVID-19 guidelines. Please observe the signs indicating the maximum number of people allowed in the offices at any one time, and in particular, keep a minimum of 1 meter distance from individuals not in your group at all times. This year NEW - Online check-in in front of each of our offices, quicker registration and less stay in the office.

As soon as we get current information about the group sizes we will let you know.

The meeting areas are used to direct you to your Snowsports Instructor. Minimum distance rules must always be observed. If the minimum distance between you and another individual is less than 1 meter, mouth and nose protection must be worn. Once you have been introduced to your Snowsports Instructor, they will direct you to your courses designated meeting area . We ask that you please stay in that area until your lesson begins.

Minimum-distance rules must also be followed in the children's area. If the minimum distance is less than 1 meter, mouth and nose protection must be worn. In general, time spent in the children’s area should be kept to a minimum. Please inform your children of the COVID-19 safety measures. 

In addition to booking private lessons, we also offer the following;

Family Skiing - Spend quality time with your family and have a memorable day together in the ski area of Gurgl.

Our ski instructors will take you out on a marvellous family day; three children per family under the age of 14 years are free of charge when two adults join the lesson.

To get the most from your family ski lesson; all participants should be at a similar level of ability, as the learning goals and speed are adjusted to suit the group as a whole.

Family ski lessons are available to last for up to 3 hours. You can individually book and inquire your special Family day.

Exclusive Groups - Enjoy a stress-free holiday by booking individual group lessons in small groups. 

Do you already know skiers at your skiing level, are you travelling in a larger group, or do you have families travelling with you that are all at a similar skiing level?

Individual pick up times, manageable group sizes, and desired meeting locations will make your holiday an absolute success!

Exclusive group lessons include 5 hours of skiing for 3-6 participants, are available 3 days prior to the scheduled lesson, and are priced at EUR 417,- per day.

If you require any further information, please contact us or book directly at our Online Shop.

We are sorry, but at the moment we cannot give any specific information on whether there will be lunch services this winter. We will inform you as soon as we receive the information from the Austrian Ski School Association and the local government.

The guest ski races will take place as usual. We ask again that all COVID-19 safety measures and general rules of conduct are followed.

We give everything to ensure the safety of our ski school employees. In addition to issuing strict instructions and rules of conduct, we ensure good accommodation and working conditions, and aim to carry out systematic tests in the event of any suspicion.