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To guarantee a hassle free skiing experience, the management team and staff at Ski School Obergurgl operate with energy and enthusiasm on a daily basis. Supervisors have been assigned to the following areas to help you to find the appropriate group in an efficient way. They are there to help if a problem occurs and solve it as quickly as possible.

Ski School Obergurgl team in Tyrol
Your ski instructors at Skischool Obergurgl
Andrä Aste
* Obergurgl Ski School Managing Director and Private Instruction allocation
Armin Achhorner
* Deputy Managing Director
* Responsible for the children’s ski school area "Jenewein"
* Meeting point supervisor "Jenewein" 
* Responsible for snowboarding area and private lessons 
Rudi Brunner
* Meeting point supervisor "Jenewein"
* Classification of adult ski lessons
Georg Gstrein
* Meeting point supervisor "Wiesental" 
* Responsible for the children’s ski school area and "Bobo Club"
Mario Gufler
* Meeting point supervisor "Pirchhütt" 
* Classification of children’s ski lessons 
* Responsible for private lessons "Pirchhütt" 
Daniel Grüner
* Meeting point supervisor "Pirchhütt" 
* Responsible for the children’s ski school area and "Bobo Club"

There are approximately 120 ski instructors who work at Obergurgl ski school. They look forward to hours of fun teaching in the snow with you - Obergurgl Ski School team.

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