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Snowboard experience levels

Our Snowboarding levels at the Obergurgl Ski School

The Obergurgl Ski School allows each student to estimate their own snowboarding ability so the improvement of skills is maximized in the shortest possible time. Under the professional guidance of our instructors, you will be soon snowboarding down the beautiful slopes of Obergurgl without any problems.

Snowboarding lessons for beginners

For adults snowboarding lessons we use a system where you decide your level and select your group accordingly. This assures an effective lesson where you learn as much as possible, in a short amount of time so you can improve your snowboarding technique. Signs are displayed at the meeting points where you can see the different skill categories available. Simply choose a sign which best describes your snowboarding ability. If you are note sure and require assistance please speak to our supervisors in blue who will help you at any time. Should your snowboarding level be different from the rest of the group you have selected, speak directly to the area supervisor, who will then place you in a more suitable group. You can then continue on with your lessons successfully. 

Testing the snowboard

Learn the basics, snowboarding on blue slopes, going up the lift

Required ability

safe drifting turns on blue and red slopes, starting slopestyle tricks

Required ability

turning in both directions on blue slopes, drifting turns on blue and red slopes

Deep snow, jumps, freestyle ...

snowboarding in all conditions and on all terrains


Snowboarding in Tirol – an experience

Working with our successful system at Ski school Obergurgl, we save valuable time, which guarantees a more intense snowboarding experience. If you have further questions please email or meet us at the Ski School while you are on your winter holiday in the Oetz Valley. We look forward to seeing you. 

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