History Obergurgl Ski School

Skiing in the Ötztal valley 100 years ago
The beginning of the austrian ski sport

The Oetz Valley Ski School with tradition and quality since 1922

Everyone can imagine that the Obergurgl Ski School has learned throughout its long history, every facet of alpine skiing. Starting off with "original" wooden skis and ascending the mountain without assistance, to now, the most modern ski lifts and sophisticated ski equipment.

In 1922 the Obergurgl Ski School was founded by Angelus Scheiber, one of the greatest pioneers for tourism in the Oetz Valley. This makes the school one of the oldest ski schools in Austia. Afterwards Hans Falkner took over the ski school and it was his close ties to Britain that brought British guests to the region, and who still come to Obergurgl today. 

The continuous rise of the popular ski resort

The continuous growth of skiing in Obergurgl began shortly after World War II. Hugo Gstrein was entrusted with the ski school and he died in September 1949. It was then passed onto his brother Josl Gstrein who led it until 1961. Next in line was Karl Giacomelli, and after him it was his son Thomas Giacomelli who managed the skischool from 1993 to 2010. In Winter 2010/11 it was transferred to Andrä Aste who now currently manages the school. 

Obergurgl’s famous ski instructors

In the earlier years, Obergurgl had some world class snow athletes amongst its team of ski instructors. The two most famous include: Eberhard Kneissl, who won many international races and was at the Olympic squad in 1947/48. Josl Gstrein was the second and by far the best in Austria. He was also part of the Olympic squad in 1947/48 in the so-called “four combination” (ski jumping, cross country, downhill, slalom) event. 

The modern Obergurgl Ski School

The Obergurgl Ski School currently employs approximately 120 full time staff, but this number increases during the peak holiday season. The school starts around mid-November and operates continually throughout the winter until early May. The unique advantage of Obergurgl – Hochgurgl is its extremely high altitude of ‘ski-able’ area meaning we can always count on excellent snow conditions until after Easter. Obergurgl Ski School instructors are renowned for their quality and flexibility and only the most qualified and committed instructors will find an employment here. Many of our guests return year after year, enthusiastic about their skiing experiences and eager to learn more. The Obergurgl Ski School also takes part in an exciting weekly highlight when they demonstrate their skills in a Ski Show by night, every Tuesday at 9.00 pm on the Festkogl. Not to be missed.

Come and meet us at the Obergurgl Ski School. We hope you enjoy your holiday in Obergurgl. You can book your private tutor or a group course now conveniently online.

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