Freerideing in Tyrol with Ski School Obergurgl
Freeriding in Obergurgl-Hochgurgl

Pure action – free riding in Obergurgl 

The hot spot of the Alps

Fresh powder, sunshine and safety. The course for this winter trend is set.

Experience the mix of skiing, telemarking and snowboarding called "free-riding". This trend spread quickly throughout the 90's. The freedom to ski and snowboard off piste and leave a mark on the pristine mountain behind you is a joyful sensation for both young and old. Let your adrenaline pump. Anyone who has experienced the feeling of untouched snow and enjoyed this floating sensation the first time for themselves will be addicted. Discover an unknown journey throughout the attractive playground of Obergurgl. 

A sense of freedom with free-riding in Obergurgl

While silently "surfing" or "riding", experience the pleasure of placing your signature in the snow. You will be in harmony with nature. When the sunshine reflects against the glistening snow, you will have an unforgettable experience with free-riding. Safety and caution must not be forgotten whilst skiing off-piste in nature’s playground. 

Travel safely while “free skiing” in the Oetz Valley

A backpack with the right equipment is an absolute must have! This includes:

  • Avalanche detector
  • Avalanche probe
  • Snow shovel
  • First aid kit

You can hire the equipment from the Obergurgl Skischool. In addition, a helmet and protectors are also highly recommended. Packed and ready to go up with the gondola, you take a short walk out beside the slopes to begin your free-ride experience.

Are you interested? Our fully qualified instructors are happy to take you with them and let you too, immerse yourself in the stunning and fascinating world that an Obergurgl winter can offer.

Send us an email or book your ski instructor or group course conveniently online.

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